Our Story

The Greatest Story Never Told began with a belief that all human beings are actors and artistic creators with ideas that are worth sharing and building on. When children and families have the opportunity to experience that their ideas can be accepted and valued, it leads to increased confidence, enhanced artistic vision and fosters an essential connection within a given community.

The Greatest Story Never Told performed its inaugural show in the FIGMENT Chicago Arts Festival in 2013. It continued building on its success with subsequent runs at Theater Wit, The iO Theater, and now calls Under The Gun Theater in Wrigleyville its home.

The Greatest Story Never Told has performed shows in Chicago Public Schools as well as schools in the surrounding suburbs. We have hosted school field trips, private birthday parties, and taught workshops for kids of all ages. We have transformed countless original performances into digital and physical storybooks that currently reside in school libraries, children’s bookshelves and parent’s IPads.